Authors that present their work on ICNMSME2022 will be invited to contribute with an original paper or feature article (after reviewing) in a special issue/topical sections in the journals:

1. Nanomaterials Science & Engineering, ISSN 2184-7002
Deadline for manuscripts – August 15, 2022.
Planned publication date – December 2022.

2. Nanomaterials (ISSN 2079-4991, Impact Factor: 5.076)
For articles accepted for publication in Nanomaterials,
an additional fee is charged (conference participants will be provided with a 15% discount).
Deadline for manuscripts – June 15, 2022.
Planned publication date – December 2022.

Download template paper proceedings (for the workshop proceedings and for the journal publications)

The Full paper has to be submitted electronically by e-mail to the following addresses:

If you have any questions, please contact to us:
Dr. Igor Bdikin
(ICNMSME2022 Organizing Committee Co-Chair)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Aveiro, Aveiro 3810-193, Portugal